Top Ten Hipster Ways To Make A Film In 2016

This week I am going to break the mold and offer a TOP TEN list for your quick consumption and my short deadline. Enjoy.

Top Ten Hipster Ways To Make A Film In 2016

10. Using only equipment developed before 1900 to ensure it is seen only “the way it was originally meant to be seen.”

9. Recording all audio on a Phonograph.

8. The script must be written on a typewriter by candlelight.

7. All cameras on set must be Super 8 including any behind the scenes shots.

6. Directing your actors using only very detailed stories of your childhood.

5. Shooting your film in chronological order including stories where we witness a child growing up. (cough cough Boyhood)

4. Having a live orchestra play the score to your film during the theatrical presentation.

3. Shooting your film on VHS and only recording over studio released and distributed films from the year you were born.

2. Creating a stop motion film using only disposable cameras.

1. Opting out of shooting the film altogether because nothing could ever compare to the rawness of real life.